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The Voice


Braco is traveling a lot and his visitors in Zagreb know about that. But they come to his center every day, independent whether Braco is there or not. Because they know that they can feel that energy not only by looking into his eyes but also by listening to his voice. On those days, when Braco travels to other countries, the visitors at Srebrnjak come together as well in groups and they listen to the recorded voice of Braco. Most of them close their eyes during those moments and they experience exactly the same reactions as they felt when they stood directly in front of Braco and looked into his eyes. Some of them even can feel more and stronger reactions during listening to the voice than during looking at Braco and the results in their health and with other problems are on the same level as during the direct sessions with Braco.
Braco is speaking in his own language and it was very amazing to see, that even in Germany or other countries, where people cannot understand what Braco is speaking, the reactions of the visitors during the session with his voice are exactly the same as with those people who understand Braco´s words. But this result shows in a very nice way, that it does not depend on the method how we are coming to Braco and how we build a connection with him and this energy. What we feel and what we get simply depends on how much we are opening ourselves and whether we can overcome our inner barriers. This is our part in that process, this is how we can contribute to achieve a change.
A lot of people repeat those moments by taking home the film with Braco´s voice, in which you cannot only see Braco but you can also listen to his voice.
The explanations and findings of experts and scientists are the same as their findings about the sessions with Braco. During those moments, when we are listening to Braco´s voice we obviously can reach a higher level of consciousness. It is a level of consciousness, which most of us cannot reach without Braco and during those moments we obviously can develop, feel and use that inner power which can change our lives.

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